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Adjusting Children

If birth is a natural process, how does something like this happen?

birthpull.gifBirth is a natural process, a miracle Unfortunately, certain artificial methods interfere with the natural beauty of birth. Such stressors as inducing labor, cesarean section or the use of abnormal twisting of the head to facilitate the birthing of the rest of the body, place tremendous stress on the neck and spinal cord thereby producing subluxation and a myriad of subluxation-related health problems. The adjusting process itself is done entirely in the mother's arms.

adjustjosh.jpegThe subluxations are detected using the mother's natural sensitivity to her own child. As various areas of the child's back are touched, the mother's arm strength is tested each time. When an area of subluxation is touched, the mother's arm will have less strength to resist the push of the doctor. The examination and adjustment takes very little time and the whole event is "just another new person" to the child.

adjustjoshhighli.jpegRemember: how many times have they fallen while learning to walk and run (and how would your back feel after all those falls on the "padding")? Additionally, this "plunger" device, called an activator, may be used to make an adjustment.

Rather than twisting delicate joints or scaring the child, it's easier (and lot's more fun) to use this "clicker" ( as this mother calls it ) to cause the muscle to contract which in turn moves the bone to it's correct position.

This little guy was more worried about what the photographer was doing than "the doc".

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